Our Story

Meet Suzanne & Caroline

Coastline Coaches is a travel company founded by Suzanne and Caroline Combs, a mother-daughter duo who combined their passions and talents to offer the ultimate travel experience. Suzanne, a Korean American, comes from a diverse background. After college, she embarked on a career in the aviation industry, relishing the flexibility it offered. Embracing her spare time, she ventured into the cattle industry, skillfully donning multiple roles. Her journey allowed her to savor the best of both worlds: immersing herself in diverse cultures and people, while also experiencing the rigors and challenges of owning and operating a small cattle ranch business.

Eventually, she pursued her dream in the corporate realm of the technology sector, leaving an indelible mark during her tenure at Gateway Corporation and Intel Corporation. At her core, she identifies as an entrepreneur, passionately urging young individuals to align their careers with their passions. Her motto is simple yet profound: “Do what you love!” 

Caroline, currently pursuing her Master’s in Digital Marketing at Wake Forest, spends her free time creating custom merchandise and logo designs.

As a family of entrepreneurs, Coastline Coaches aims to provide an unmatched experience that keeps customers coming back for more. Proud of their community, they prioritize local interests and strive to make every ride as comfortable as lounging by the ocean and as luxurious as a first-class flight.