Terms & Conditions

Coastline Coaches is a luxury transportation company consisting of various custom vehicles. Our terms and conditions are created for the safety of our Clients, Passengers, Employees, others, and equipment. By placing a reservation with COASTLINE COACHES; DBA Eco Green Dog LLC, its subsidiaries, and other corporate affiliates, either by telephone, fax, email, online, or in any other manner, you accept, without limitation or qualification, the following Terms and Conditions for its charter services. All of the given information provided by the Client is binding and cannot be changed without Coastline Coaches' acceptance.

  1. Deposits
    1. No date or vehicle is reserved until Coastline Coaches receives a deposit in the amount of twenty-five percent (25%) of the reservation total for Sprinters and SUV’s. Vehicles that hold more than 25 passengers require a fifty percent (50%) deposit of the reservation total. Remainder of deposit is due two (2) weeks or fourteen (14) days if reserving a sprinter or SUV. Buses are due thirty (30) days before the trip begins. The deposit is non-refundable and non-transferable.
  2. Reservations and Third Party Reservations
    1. When the Client’s reservation has been entered into the system and confirmed, the Client will be issued a reservation confirmation number. It is the responsibility of the Client to check that the confirmation issued is accurate and immediately notify us of any issues. If the Client does not confirm the details, confirmation is not made, therefore Coastline Coaches is not responsible for errors associated with your charter.
    2. Within forty-eight (48) hours before scheduled reservation, we request the client to call and confirm details of the charter.
    3. Wedding Planner, Event Planner, Relative, or Friend or the like, that make reservations, it is strongly encouraged that the credit card placed on file, as well as the signature on the agreement, be provided by someone who will be physically in the reserved vehicles, or is directly involved in the event for which transportation is being provided. Third party reservations assume full responsibility for actions of the passengers aboard vehicle(s) hired.
  3. Payment Types, Balance and Late Fee
    1. Venmo may be accepted upon request.
    2. Credit Card with pre-Authorization required.
    3. Your credit card is pre-authorized for the estimated charges of your reservation. This reserves that portion of your available credit so, at the completion of the reservation, the reservation amount can be changed. Please be aware that if you provide a debit card, your issuing bank will treat the pre-authorization as a pending charge and will withhold that amount from your account until the completion of the charge. Therefore, Pre-paid or reloadable debit card will NOT be accepted.
    4. An additional four percent (4%) transaction fee for all credit cards. For credit card Clients, we cannot send a vehicle out without a valid pre-authorized credit card on file as a guarantee for payment for all pertinent charges, including any incidental expenses and damages. Terms apply to all passengers in the vehicle. The Client is accepting complete responsibility for all passengers and associated parties by agreeing to these terms.
    5. Balance Update will be due immediately upon receipt by the Client.
    6. Any balance not paid by fourteen (14) days prior will be considered overdue. Balances remaining overdue without notice of any kind and less than 72 hours before scheduled trip will be deemed a cancellation and are subject to our standard cancellation terms. Any existing reservations that become overdue may be relinquished, and the vehicle may be booked to another party at this time. Client shall be responsible for a late fee of ten percent (10%) of the remaining balance which will be added on to the invoice every 30 days that balance remains unpaid. (See Number 11 for additional details.)
  4. Rates and Billing
    1. All rates are calculated in US dollars.
    2. All reservations are either charged to the Client's credit card or billed to a corporate account.
    3. Coastline Coaches accepts the following credit cards American Express, Discover Card, MasterCard, and Visa. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to charge a credit card processing fee of four percent ( 4%).
    4. A Minimum of twenty percent (20%) gratuity is added to all reservations for our drivers – calculated on the base rate, stops, wait time, surcharges, and any discount, if applicable.
    5. For long-distance and overnight services performed outside of the Charleston area, appropriate meals and accommodations for the chauffeur will be charged.
    6. Applicable taxes will be charged as required.
    7. Applicable local, state, or federal fees will be charged as required.
    8. All rates are point-to-point or charged at the prevailing hourly rate. Hourly reservations include travel time to and from pick-up and drop-off locations.
  5. Surcharges In Addition to Base Rate
    1. Scheduled reservations from 11:00 PM to 1:00 AM will have a $50.00 surcharge added.
    2. A Holiday Surcharge of $200.00 will be added on the following days: New Year’s Eve (after 4:00 PM), New Year’s Day, Easter, Memorial Day, Independence Day, Labor Day, Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve, and Christmas Day.
  6. Other Fees
    1. Parking and other out-of-pocket charges will be added as a “Balance Update”.
    2. Clients shall be solely responsible for obtaining all permits, parking, reservations, or other approvals to enter parks, museums, stadiums, or other similar destinations.
    3. Coastline Coaches must be reimbursed if we obtain any of the aforementioned items.
  7. No Refunds
    1. Charges paid by you for completed and delivered service are final and non-refundable.
    2. Coastline Coaches has no obligation to provide refunds or credits but may grant them, in each case, at their sole discretion.
  8. Grace Period
    1. Non-airport pickup: For all pickups other than airports, a fifteen-minute (15) grace period is allowed. Once the grace period window closes, the wait time is charged per minute until the Client enters the vehicle.
    2. 8.2 Airport pickups: Domestic arrivals have a forty-five (45) minute grace period.
    3. International pickups have a sixty-minute (60) grace period. Waiting charges commence after the period which begins once the flight has landed and accrued by the minute.
    4. Additional parking fees will be applicable once the grace period window has closed.
    5. All wait time charges are charged by the minute at the hourly rate of the vehicle type requested.
    6. Wait time charges do not apply to reservations that are billed by the hour.
  9. Wait Time & Stop Time
    1. For all point-to-point reservations, the wait time will be charged beginning fifteen(15) minutes after the scheduled pick-up time. Wait time will be charged by one-minute increments at the requested vehicle’s hourly rate.
    2. Wait time consists of the hourly rate or fraction thereof plus all ancillary charges, taxes, gratuities, and fees.
    3. Private flights and trains are not monitored; wait time will be charged accordingly from the scheduled pick-up time. The Client is responsible for notifying us of any changes to the scheduled pick-up time within the change window, if not, wait time or a full cancellation charge will be applicable.
    4. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to break a trip with out-of-route stops into two separate reservations or change it to an hourly reservation
    5. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to break a reservation with more than 30 minutes of wait time into an hourly reservation.
    6. Dropping off or picking up additional Clients will incur stop charges.
  10. Cancellation & No-Show Policies
    1. All cancellation policies are based on the local time zone of the pickup location.
    2. Cancellations must be made four (4) or more hours before pick-up time if booked in a Sedan or SUV.
    3. Cancellations must be made fourteen (14) or more days before pick-up time if booked in a Transit Van, Sprinter, or Executive Van.
    4. Cancellations must be made thirty (30) or more days before pick-up if booked in a 25-57 passenger bus.
    5. Late cancellations and no-shows are billed at the full rate plus waiting time for the vehicle booked. If an hourly is booked the full all-inclusive hourly minimum rate is billed for the vehicle type.
    6. Clients who fail to provide adequate notice of either a reservation change or cancellation, as referenced above, will incur a late cancellation charge, and be billed the all-inclusive rate and any additional wait time, if applicable.
    7. Late cancellations will be subject to a full charge and cannot be rescheduled for a later time or date.
    8. Rebooking the trip does not alleviate your responsibility to pay the original cancellation charge in full.
    9. Once you request the trip to be canceled, we cannot guarantee availability. Adequate notice needed to rebook for the same or another date and time. The new booking is considered a completely different reservation and new charges are applicable and the cancellation full charge for the previous reservation must be paid.
    10. Cancellations for Greeters or Coordinators must be made 7 or more days before the pickup time. Reminder there is no refund on deposit.
    11. A reservation is considered a No-Show if the Client cannot be located or contacted:
    12. Sixty (60) minutes for all non-airport pickup locations, and one (1) hour for airport pickups (time begins when the plane lands).
    13. In the event of a no-show, there will be a full charge including wait time fees.
    14. If you are having trouble locating your driver, we advise you not to leave the pick-up location on your reservation without first contacting our office at 843-779-2055.
  11. Specialized Luggage
    1. If you are traveling with golf clubs, water sports equipment, fishing poles, surfboards, or anything of similar length, a sprinter or larger vehicle must be booked.
  12. Pet Policy
    1. All pets must be disclosed at the time of reservation to ensure a smooth ride for you and your pet.
    2. All Pets must be contained in a crate or carry case.
    3. A $25.00 pet fee/per pet will apply to all reservations.
    4. Additional cleaning fees may apply. The policy above does not apply to service animals. We welcome your pets.
  13. Accessibility
    1. Any hearing-impaired person, legally or partially blind person, or physically disabled person riding in any Coastline Coaches vehicle is permitted to be accompanied by a service animal without being required to pay an extra charge for the service animal.
  14. In-Car Technology
    1. All our vehicles are equipped with GPS (Global Positioning System) for tracking purposes. In addition, all vehicles are equipped with a camera, and in the event of a driving incident, the video and audio may be saved and reviewed for safety purposes.
    2. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to view the recording at any time for any reason. Such recordings may also be made available to law enforcement, or other government officials, upon request. You’re boarding a vehicle with such equipment shall constitute consent to any such recordings and their use.
  15. Child Car Seat/Booster
    1. Please be aware, due to insurance liability, Coastline Coaches chauffeurs are not allowed to install the child seats/boosters. Parents and guardians are responsible for providing and installing the proper child seat/booster required by law based on the child’s height and/or weight according to federal laws.
    2. Coastline Coaches shall not be held liable for an incorrectly installed child seat/boosters and the responsibility rests solely on the child’s parent/s or guardian(s).
    3. Please allow for additional time when scheduling your pickup to install the child seat.
  16. Safety Belts
    1. Coastline Coaches requires Clients to comply with all local laws and regulations regarding safety belts and other safety equipment.
  17. Vehicle Guarantee
    1. Coastline Coaches will do its best to meet a specific make and model of a vehicle, at times vehicles are required to go down for service. In such a case, an equivalent vehicle will be provided. In case an equivalent vehicle is not available, then an upgrade will be provided to a Client at no additional cost to the Client.
    2. Coastline Coaches will never guarantee a specific make, model, or color of the vehicle.
  18. Nondiscrimination Policy
    1. Coastline Coaches provides transportation based solely upon vehicle and chauffeur availability, without regard to race, sex, color, national origin, sexual orientation, religion, gender identification, disability, age, or geographic departure point or destination.
  19. State of Emergency and Inclement Weather
    1. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to terminate or cancel a reservation based on unsafe weather conditions.
    2. Coastline Coaches is not liable for circumstances beyond its control including but not limited to weather, road conditions, and vehicle malfunctions/breakdowns.
    3. Coastline Coaches reserves the right to cancel any reservations once a state of emergency (or its equivalent) is declared in the respective pickup location.
    4. Includes Force Majeure.
  20. Conduct
      Coastline Coaches reserves the right to refuse transport for disruptive or unsafe behavior. It will result in termination of the reservation and associated charges for the following:
    1. Damages done to the vehicle either by yourself or your guests during the charter.
    2. The behavior of you or your guests is out of control, unsafe, illegal, dangerous, belligerent, or irresponsible to lives and property.
    3. South Carolina law prohibits minors from consuming alcohol; therefore, you understand and agree that any persons under 21 years of age are not to consume any alcohol while using Coastline Coaches services and vehicles.
    4. In the event of cleaning/disinfecting (due to bodily fluids) or damage caused by the Client(s), a five hundred dollars ($500) charge will be applied.
    5. You understand that the estimated charges listed are a minimum amount and it is Coastline Coaches' sole discretion to determine the total cost of damage.
    6. An email with a “Balance Update” will be sent to the Client itemizing the damage and associated costs. The cost will be charged to the Client's credit card without dispute.
    7. There will be no refund or credit for misconduct.
  21. Smoking, Vaping, Drugs and Alcohol
    1. Smoking and vaping of any kind is not permitted in Coastline Coaches, doing so will result in immediate termination of the reservations and full charge. A cleaning fee of two hundred dollars ($200) will be applicable if a Client smokes or vapes in a vehicle.
    2. Alcohol is not permitted in Coastline Coaches' vehicles. The unauthorized consumption of alcohol will result in the immediate termination of the reservations and a full charge.
    3. Drug use is not permitted in Coastline Coaches vehicles, doing so will result in immediate termination of the reservations and full charge.
  22. Lost and Found
    1. Coastline Coaches assumes no responsibility for lost or damaged baggage, personal belongings, or items left in the vehicle.
    2. Coastline Coaches is not responsible for items left behind in the vehicle. If any item(s) are found, the cost of shipping or other means of delivery will be charged to the Client. Call 843-779-2055 to look for lost items.

Thank you for entrusting us with your transportation needs, and we look forward to delivering unparalleled service for your cherished moments.

By signing this agreement a contract forms between Coastline Coaches and the Client for transportation service and pertains specifically to the performance by the customer and their guests in the Coastline Coaches vehicle(s).

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